Is your DBBrowser.aspx page looping indefinitely ?

We all use Sitecore Admin Pages and DBBrowser is probably not the most frequent one. But  how many times DBBrowser.aspx saved your a.. when you needed?  When I joined my current team I notice that this Admin Page was looping indefinitely.  If that page is not responding for you, maybe you have same issue .

My colleague – Sébastien Boissonneault– found the source of the issue. Here is his blog entry.

DBBrowser is a great tool to investigate and fix content issues that would not be doable through the content editor.

On our project, for a while, me and my team were wondering why the DBBrowser would not load. And by not loading, I mean seeing a blank page, the process using all of the CPU cycles and way too much memory, for many hours (if we would let it run that long).

We attached to the process in Visual Studio to see if some code was throwing errors and failing silently, but with no success. We looked at the database and database profiler to see a sign of request taking too long, still no success. And then we looked at the source code for that page in DotPeek.


At first, by quickly glancing at the code, it looked fine, but I knew something was wrong. I created a copy of the dbbrowser aspx page, created a copy of the code-behind it was using and then started debugging. After waiting a while, when I finally paused the process, like a beacon of light pointing to the, I found the code issue highlighted: an infinite loop.


It is caused by a function that lists and sorts the branch templates by item name (independently of the folder they are located). That code has a loop that renames duplicates in the list, the problem is that if there was more than 2 duplicates, it loops forever.


I fixed the bug in my local copy, and it now runs like a charm.


I was able to reproduce the issue with a vanilla instance of Sitecore, so I created a support ticket and am now waiting for an official fix.



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