Get the most out of Sitecore’s data and analytics beyond out-of-the box dashboard with Sitecore 8.X and MongoDB BI Connector

While waiting for Sitecore 9.X and xConnect  we may want to get the most out of Sitecore MongoDB, to go beyond out-of-the-box dashboards and impress executives wit h deep insights. In some cases, Sitecore xDB Cloud may limit you what you can get from custom reports.

To help marketers ans BI specialists I used  two tools: MongoDB Connector for BI and Tableau .

Fist we need to install and to configure MongoDB Connector for BI on the same server where MongoDB is running

I suggest to install it as Windows Services e.x

C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Connector for BI\2.3\bin\mongosqld.exe” –config=”C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Connector for BI\2.3\mongosqld.cfg”


Here is the content of config file

logAppend: true
logRotate: “rename”
path: D:\mongodb\log\mongoBi.log
bindIp:, 172.27.X.X
port: 3307

Make sure that the folder for logs files exist and to list all IP that we want to bind the service.


Once the service is running, we can connect from remotely from Tableau. I used Tableau 10.4

1.       Click on Connect – To a Server – More…

2.       Select MongoDB BI Connector

3.       Type is Server IP ( must be listed inmongosqld.cfg file)

4.       Click Sign In


-BI Connector.png



BI Connector



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