Create dynamic menu with page sections

Since Sitecore Habitat has been released I was looking for a Helix based solution which can be use for Greenfield project. Once again – Habitat is only an example of project implementing Helix architecture.  I looked at Helixbase and I tried to  implement one of bootstrap free template sites to evaluate it as a candidate.


I thought it would be nice to add automatically to the menu new section item each time that editor is adding a new one and create an anchor to that section.


@model RenderingModel
 var currentItem = Sitecore.Context.Item;
 RenderingReference[] myRenderings = currentItem.Visualization.GetRenderings(Sitecore.Context.Device, true);
 var layoutField = new LayoutField(currentItem);
 LayoutDefinition layoutDef = LayoutDefinition.Parse(layoutField.Value);
 DeviceDefinition deviceDef = layoutDef.GetDevice(Sitecore.Context.Device.ID.ToString());
 string sectionId = string.Empty;

<!-- Collect the nav links, forms, and other content for toggling -->

<!-- /.navbar-collapse -->

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